Fujifilm X-H1 + Samyang 12mm f/2.0

Here are some example images I shot with the ultra-wide Samyang 12mm on my Fuji X-H1. This lens equates to an 18mm on full frame.

I really love this lens, it is lightweight and compact, and image quality is superb edge-to-edge. Best of all, Samyang were thoughtful enough to provide a filter thread and a removable hood, unlike so many other manufacturers who make it pretty much impossible to use filters on ultra-wides. The filter thread opens up this lens to be a great lens for video when combined with an ND or VND filter.

Click the left and right arrows to see the images. Click on an image to view it full-size:

Fujifilm X-H1 16-55mm f/2.8

My favourite time of the year for photography and my favourite walk along the River Thames. This image was shot mid morning, the sun is just off to the right but very low above the skyline. There’s a fantastic misty quality to the air due to the fact that the temperature still dips to below zero over night at this time of year.

This image was shot with the Fujifilm X-H1 and Fuji’s pro-quality “walkabout” zoom. It has a constant wide aperture of f/2.8 but that makes it quite a big and bulky lens to carry around. Edge to edge sharpness is extremely consistent across both the focal range and aperture range. Not as sharp as most of my primes but a great compromise if you are travelling and a great all-round lens for shooting video. More images to come.

A Sad Day

Well it has finally come to this. After eight happy years of posting to Flikr, I have finally made the decision to part company with it.

The reasons why are explained in this image which is the last image I am able to upload to FLICKR since it takes the total number of uploads to 1,000.

So while my FLICK account still exists, and the 1,000 images I have chosen to remain will not be deleted for the time-being, I am unable to upload any more.

To be honest, if I am going to pay a subscription for the privilege of uploading content to the internet, then I would prefer to make that choice myself rather than it be forced upon me. Until I make such a choice I am going to be posting here on my website far more often, which is probably not such a bad thing for me to be doing anyway!

Give your video and stills a FILMIC look

I put this video together to try to describe a technique I use a lot for editing both stills and video. The technique can be very subtle or very dramatic and adds a kind of filmic, three-dimensional quality to your images.

I use Adobe software – Lightroom and Photoshop for stills, Premiere Pro for video – and the editing technique I describe in this video is very similar across those software products. If you use other software then hopefully you can adapt the technique to work for you.