High Frame Rate Shooting with the Fujifilm X-H1

This was literally my first outing with the X-H1 to try out its high frame rate HD video and autofocus capabilities. All footage shot in HD @ 100fps with Eterna profile.

I just had the kit zoom with me at the time with a variable ND filter on the front. The camera was set to continuous autofocus, no special settings, it did a pretty good job though you can see a couple of very brief jitters. All in all it felt responsive and better than my GH5.

The soundtrack was recorded using the Dreadbox Erebus and Nyx semi-modular analogue synthesizers.

I should mention that the camera was running original factory firmware. I understand a latest firmware update from Fujifilm addresses autofocus improvements amongst other things.

Brief Encounter with the Fujifilm X-H1

I was trying out the simply superb Fujifilm X-H1 mirrorless camera with an old Nikon 1000mm mirror lens yesterday evening when this very brief opportunity presented itself.

Fujifilm X-H1 | Brief Encounter from Tim Shoebridge on Vimeo.

The aeroplane shot across the frame very quickly, I recorded it in full HD mode at 100 fps, what is shown in the video is slowed down to 1/4 of the speed. I had to mask the moon in the final shot with the cat, otherwise it would have been completely blown out in terms of exposure, but that’s the only manipulation I performed.

The Nikon lens performed brilliantly, it is the sharpest full-frame reflex lens I have yet tried. Just a shame that it is so huge!